Rimouski celebrates Maud Charon’s peak

She was greeted by the mayors of Rimouski and Saint Luce, her native village, and she was able to enjoy a tour with the many fans who came to greet her.

The scrum player claimed that she experienced a whirlwind of emotions in the past few days once she set foot on Canadian soil after leaving the Tokyo bubble.

I am grateful for this full wave of support. We work hard to achieve the goals. It has given me good results afterwards that I am reaping the fruits of all these years of efforts.

The Mayor of Rimouski, Mark Barnett, congratulated Maud Sharon on her achievement.

Photo: Radio Canada/Samuel Ranger

The 28-year-old took the top podium in the under-64kg category.


Despite this sporting achievement, Maud Sharon intends to stay the same.

It remained the same as it had been two weeks ago; I just have a medal around my neck. For me, it doesn’t change who I am.

I stayed normal.

Quote from:Maud Sharon

She admits that her name is now more widely known, but notes with a hint of irony that she has been doing well in her discipline for some time.

It’s special because there is still some time since I’ve been lifting weights and getting good results. But it took from the Olympics.

Two people surround Maude Charon.

Maud Sharon surrounded by supporters and escorted by her father on the left.

Photo: Radio Canada/Samuel Ranger

Maud Sharon would now like to encourage other athletes to practice high-level sports in the regions.

I hope that my cosplay will be not only in the big centers, but also in the regions. It was important to stay at home and prove to others – but also to myself – that it is possible to do this in the regions.

Maud Sharon now wants to rest and watch the Olympic and Paralympic Games from her home in Sainte-Los-sur-Mer.

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