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Broadcasting: Netflix chooses to base its Canadian headquarters in Toronto

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Netflix has chosen to locate its Canadian headquarters in Toronto.

The clearest advertising agent for the broadcasting giant in California Canadian Press The company will publish the position of content manager for the new office in June.

Netflix announced in February that it plans to open an office in the country, but said it had not chosen its location yet.

The company frequented Toronto and Vancouver, two markets in which it launched many products.

Netflix also set up a production facility in Toronto two years ago when it rented studios in Queen City on the shores of Lake Ontario.

A representative from the company explained that choosing Toronto made sense for several reasons, including the huge amount of talent, partners, and international festivals there.

He added that Netflix has not yet decided on the exact location and that it hopes to open a temporary office early this summer, before settling into the building permanently, in accordance with public health and safety guidelines related to COVID-19.

Netflix added that it expects 10 to 15 employees to work in its Toronto office. The first step in the hiring process will be to find a content manager, who will work directly with the creators on ideas and presentations for movies and series.

Job advertisements for other positions in Toronto will be posted in the careers section of their website.

Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s co-CEO and chief content officer, said in an interview in February that the move was an “important first step” toward creating content in Canada.

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He said adding an office in Canada would allow Netflix executives to connect with Canadian creators, so they can build relationships and share ideas.

“As we grow our business and presence across Canada, we are thrilled that Toronto will be our first office in the country,” Sarandos said in a statement Tuesday.

“We look forward to opening our doors and building on the wonderful work we have started with our creative partners, to bring more Canadian artists and stories into the world.”

Netflix has 21 offices around the world, in cities like Amsterdam and Rome.

The company recently celebrated its tenth anniversary in Canada, with seven million subscribers.

Mr Sarandos noted that since 2017, Netflix has spent $2.5 billion on production in Canada, on titles such as the series. Umbrella AcademyFilmed in Toronto, the new series Firefly LineFilmed in Vancouver. This latest series is currently the most watched by its subscribers around the world.

Other Netflix shows filmed in Canada include Virgin RiverFilmed in British Columbia. Adam’s Project, in Vancouver and lock key, inside Toronto.

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