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The brilliant information scientist, who was not content with, whether to criticize or praise him, during live coverage of major events, such as during the two referendums, the Saguena floods, the Oka crisis, or the attack on the Twin Towers in New York.

Information is a big family and all these star names (Jacques Moissan, Marie-Claude Lavallee, Jean-Luc Montgraine, Pierre Bruno, Stéphane’s Office, Pierre Nadeau and Daughter, Pascal, Simone Dourivage, Céline Gallebeau, Bernard Derom, etc.) ring in our ears like many The eras that marked the practice of the profession.

Who says these? Adventures in the land of TV newsIt’s Philippe Lapointe, strange to viewers like me who weren’t behind the scenes in the newsrooms of the two big channels, Radio Canada and TVA. But only La Pointe managed these two rooms – private and public – and knew their way of doing things closely.

So he is in a good position to talk about it. But since it’s such a personal story, it begins with his arrival on TV news in 1980, and ends 25 years later, in 2005, a period he calls “the era.” ‘TV news,’ has gone between the era of newspaper predominance as news media and the current digital age.

At TVA, which was still called Channel 10 at the time and the place where he studied, we learned “on the job” and quickly became multi-tasking, moving from writing to head of office, then to production, to producing and directing the news service, an unlikely journey. very much today.

Télé-Métropole, famous for its popular entertainment programmes, was the laughingstock of the press community at the time, due to the limited resources devoted to information and the lack of credibility of its news service.

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“TM’s information is so lacking in credibility that its journalists get the information from Radio Canada,” Lapointe said. Vincent Gabriel, the big boss of TM, is not telling anyone who wants to hear that the news is not profitable and that we should leave this service to Radio Canada.

As for Radio Canada, the government establishment is one or two steps ahead of its competition, starting several years before Channel 10 opened its studios and being able to rely on a stable and reassuring government budget that does not depend on ratings.

There is some elitism out there and the only rival in Quebec is being ignored because of his populist side, a sentiment that continues today.

On Radio Canada in 1986 we saw the first woman, Marie-Claude Lavalle, at the helm of a news programme, Montreal tonight, which she co-hosted with Charles Tessier. The program, of high quality, will manage “Reconnaissance time, to overtake Pierre Bruno at 6 pm. Extremely rare weapons.”

Crisis Contribution

But this situation will change radically, says the author, with the purchase of Télé-Métropole by Videotron in 1987, while TQS has been on the air for a year already. Get off Channel 10, make way for TVA! The revolution will be in the chest of rue Alexandre de Seif and the news service will come jubilant. So much so that “The Great” Pierre Nadeau is leaving Radio Canada to attend TVA, where he will host his show. seven days, Then the event. At this time Stefan was assigned an office as a news reporter in Washington. He will be the first overseas VAT reporter.

La Pointe tells us how the emergence of major crises, political or otherwise, is often an opportunity for journalists to assert themselves.

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“They say that behind every crisis is an opportunity,” he explains. Nowhere is this true as in the news. Nothing gives a news team the opportunity to make their mark like a news crisis, be it an earthquake, a tsunami, or a political crisis. The best newsrooms build their reputation on covering big events. Three months of live coverage of the Oka crisis will be a great press moment for TVA.

This book by Philippe Lapointe teaches us much more than any journalism course.

Filled with delicious anecdotes, and stories that made the great moments of our national news, it reads like an adventure book.

You won’t see your news the same way anymore.

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