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Bushfires in Chute-des-Passes: Reinforcements from Western Canada

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80 wild British Columbia firefighters are scheduled to land in the area on Friday and Saturday to support the efforts SOPFEU. It will also help carriers from Alberta.

The area of ​​the two fires has increased significantly in the last hours. The fire ravaging the largest area now reaches nearly 3,000 hectares of 74 kilometres, not far from where a major fire hit last year. About thirty forest firefighters work on this site. Vectors have also been published.

The other fire is located in the Chute-des-Passes sector in MRC From Fjord-du-Saguenay, that is, further to the north, it covers more than 1,648 hectares, according to the latest assessments. SOPFEU.

No infrastructure is at risk at the moment, according to the organization’s spokesman, Jose Poitras, who noted that there are many vacationers near the affected first sector. Even if the heat is less stressful for a few hours, the weather remains dry, which complicates the task of explosives experts.

The weather is very dry and the soil is highly reactive to fuelJose Poitras said.

In its sponsored newsletter, Rio Tinto says it is closely monitoring the situation as it operates a hydroelectric power station in Chute-des-Passes. Multinational facilities are not at risk at present. However, the next few days will be crucial in terms of the development of wildfires and potential impacts on our production.The company supports.

The fires north of Monts-Valene, which notably caused the evacuation of the Pauline de Corval factory, were either contained or brought under control. In La Dore, the fire that broke out earlier this week has been contained.

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The SOPFEU He also recommends that forest workers stop their activities until further notice between noon and 8 pm to prevent further fires.

The ban on open fires in or near the forest remains in effect because the flammability index remains high in the area.

When we talk about open fires, it is a fire that can emit sparks and there is no grille or spark arrestorJose Poitras said.

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