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Bypass Lac-Mégantic: Transport Canada wants to reassure the public

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At the start of the day, Mayor Julie Morin noted that this type of information session was crucial to reassuring area residents.

This is a sensitive file. […] Tension has been building for about six months. It’s normal, it’s a natural process. Indeed, there are legitimate concerns and questions. »

Quote from Julie Morin, Mayor of Lac Meganique.

Lac Megan resident Jose Moran, who attended the event, did not say she was convinced of her day. She owns land in Nantes, where the future bypass will pass.

According to her, citizens were not sufficiently consulted about the project, which she opposes. She pointed out that the briefing confirmed that the current path is safe.

The mayor tells us all the time this is for our safety. I informed myself. I asked if the current route was safe. They told me yes, the current road is very safeindicates.

I asked them, “Why the overshoot then?” »

Quote from Jose Morin, resident of Lac Megan

A spokesman for the Citizens Committed to Rail Safety in Lake-Magantic Coalition, Robert Bielfleur, expressed mixed feelings about the event. Note that the coalition recently withdrew its support for the bypass project.

Unfortunately, I didn’t learn anything new. My question was mainly about security. I wanted to check if the trains were actually going at 65 km/h in the middle of the industrial zone, and my three sources confirmed that this was the information they had. […] I was a little disappointed with this answer.He says.

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Immediately, he said, he noticed the protest of some citizens.

The majority of people I interviewed were people who were against the proposed course. By the time I went there, the majority of people who had somewhat challenged the project were on the table. On the other hand, many want a fraud billnotice.

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