BYU vs. Coastal Carolina Score: No. 13 Cougars retreats 1 shy yard back with No. 18 retaining


For the game that was scheduled only a few days ago, number 13 BYU And No. 18 Coastal Carolina They might have played match of the week as the unique 2020 college soccer season nears its end in December. It was a game that we will literally remember going down to the last yard.

She was knocked off the field for most of the evening, and BYU’s first five scoring offense was given one last chance to win the match 22-17 with 55 seconds remaining. Starting from within their 20-yard line, Cougars’ first play was called back to hold on, meaning midfielder. Zach Wilson And Company had to go 91 yards in less than a minute to win the match.

Wilson, a potential pick from the first round in the 2021 draft NFL, has been handed over, for now. In five plays, BYU crossed the midfield to the Chanticleers ’31 yards streak. After hitting Dax Milne For a gain of 13 yards, Wilson had the BYU in a highly controllable position 18 yards from the end zone with four seconds remaining. This was sufficient to prepare a difficult but reasonable final throw. Wilson reached out to Milne again, but was stopped at the 1-yard line as time ran out. Coastal Carolina will hold a 22-17 lead to keep their undefeated season going.

Check out the gameplay below. BYU moved painfully close to one of this year’s hottest finishes.

BYU crime unlocked when needed, but Coastal Carolina has generally done a good job of squeezing Wilson while preventing Cougars’ large receivers from getting fixed separation. With the Chanticleers having an acquisition time of around 38 to 22 minutes, Jamey Chadwell’s team also did a good job planning the game to keep the BYU attack to the sidelines.

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BYU’s on-season motto was “Any Team, Anytime, Anywhere.” While losing would greatly hurt her chances of making the six New Year’s ball, these are the types of games soccer could use the most late in the season. The cool finish didn’t hurt either.

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