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Calgary ends mandatory mask-wearing

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However, a mask remains mandatory in municipal buildings such as recreation centers and libraries as long as the city manager does not change the policy. The province also imposed it on public transportation, taxis, transportation services and health facilities.

Calgary is one of the last Alberta municipalities to end the wearing of masks. The county government lifted most health restrictions on July 1.

convincing data

A recent debate on the subject at the end of June led to a complete split of the city council, with seven council members voting for the end of the bylaw and many opposed.

However, statistics provided by municipal officials convinced 10 out of 14 councilors that it was no longer necessary to wear a mandatory mask.

The number of active cases in Alberta is lower than it was in October 2020. The full vaccination rate has exceeded 40%.

The mayor of Calgary, who had previously preferred to keep the bylaws until the end of July, changed his vote in light of this data.

We must advance to a world we live in with COVID-19 and must do so at one point or another , It is to explain.

However, he was concerned about the increasing presence of the delta variable that has forced countries such as Israel and Portugal to bring back health restrictions.

He said Calgary residents need to remain vigilant and empathize with those who wish to continue wearing masks.

Troubled vote

Many advisers would have preferred to keep the procedure in place during the stampede. City Councilman George Chahal fears visitors from other areas who do not have good vaccination rates will arrive.

Chancellor Drew Farrell, who opposed lifting the mask requirement, did not agree to hear the motion immediately on third reading.

The municipal council has therefore set a date for a special meeting at the end of the afternoon for the third reading of the proposal, which will allow the voting to take place. Once you do this, the procedure will be in effect.

Four out of ten City Council members voted against ending the bylaws.

Target Jason Kenny

The discussion also exposed once again the tensions between the city council and the county government.

In a speech Friday in Calgary, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney mocked city council members who want to keep wearing masks. There seems to be a swarm of experts as diverse as Delta to City Hall , he had said.

The note hit the mark with the mayor. It’s a little hard to say that we don’t make our decision based on science or because we’re afraid. The city of Calgary has been incredibly responsible from the start Mr. Nenshi insisted.

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