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Calls to China: Senior US officer says he obeyed orders

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He also testified Tuesday before the Senate Armed Services Committee with other military officials to answer questions from elected officials about… Chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, General Milley has gone beyond what was revealed from a recent book, notably relaying the behind-the-scenes talks with Beijing, from which he defended himself.

in a Dangerand investigative reporter Bob Woodward and political correspondent for Washington Mail In particular, Robert Costa wrote that the highest-ranking US military officer called his Chinese counterpart twice, once in the days leading up to the November presidential election and another after the attack on Capitol Hill on January 6.

The book cited information from US intelligence that China feared being attacked by Donald Trump before the end of his term, which was confirmed by General Milley.

The soldier spoke of routine contacts that had the blessing of top Trump administration officials.

The calls for October 30 and January 8 were coordinated before and after with the Defense Minister’s staff, [Mark] Esper, the acting secretary, [Christopher] Miller, as well as with the Interagency Council, argued from his opening statement.

I know, I’m sure President Trump did not intend to attack the Chinese, and my direct responsibility was to convey the President’s orders and intentions., He said.

My job at the time was to de-escalate.

Quote from:General Mark Milley, Chief of Staff of the US Armed Forces

In mid-September, after the release of the excerpts that led to the sale of Bob Woodward’s latest book on the Trump presidency, several Republican-elected officials shouted at betrayal He called for General Milley’s resignation or even his appearance before a court-martial, accusing him of exceeding his duties.

My loyalty to this nation, its people and its constitution has not changed and will not change as long as I breatheHowever, he supported the Chief of Staff of the US Army.

I firmly believe that civilian control of the military is a necessary fundamental principle of this republic, and I am committed to ensuring that the military stays out of domestic politics., sure he has at any moment Try Modify or influence operation, usurp power or [s]Enter “” in the command string.

Milley dismisses doubt about Trump’s mental state

General Milley also denied that he questioned the former Republican president’s mental state near the end of his term, another statement in the book by journalists Woodward and Costa.

They reported that General Milley nodded in a January phone conversation with Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when she called Mr. Trump. Imbalance.

Pelosi phoned General Milley the day after Donald Trump supporters attacked the Capitol on January 6, to ensure the president could not use nuclear codes.

I explained to him that the President had the authority to launch a nuclear attack and that he did not do it alone, and that I was not qualified to report the mental state of the President of the United States.

Quote from:Mark Milley, Chief of Staff of the US Armed Forces

There are processes, protocols, and procedures for this, He said.

After excerpts from the book were published on September 15, President Joe Biden renewed his confidence in General Milley.

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