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Concussions Get off the cables

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The book was co-authored by Diane Sofier Concussion – Ten personalities testify, the scholars explain This Thursday appears. Among the ten participants was boxer Mary Yves Decker. Excerpts and an interview.

Frederick DuchesnoFrederick Duchesno

At barely 10 pages, the story of Mary Yves Decayer concussion has many amazing passages.

But this time something was wrong. I will run and not feel my leg. ”

“The worst part is that my team members didn’t believe it. They admitted to me later. When they took care of me, with the treatments, their main goal was to bring me back the quality of life. Boxer again? Nothing less confident.”


“I don’t live in the land of unicorns. Even though I say I’m back to normal, this is not entirely correct. My lifestyle is not without consequences and the concussion has left its mark. I find it difficult to focus. I am unable to bear the music. No.” It still looks very strong to me. Me, who loves going out to bars, it’s over. It’s no longer possible. What about the sun? I can’t drive without my sunglasses. My eyes hurt so much. ”

However, what’s left of the concussion she endured in training in October 2014, six days before the Canadian Championship – the start of the Olympic qualifiers – is incomparable to what she went through in the months that followed.

She slept a lot and couldn’t take care of the karate school she had at the time.

A general practitioner suggested a general – vague – approach that tells him to go gradually, at his own pace, as I mention in the book.

“But I’m the worst metric because once I got a little better, I was running, reserving and continuing to back up. I was constantly rebuilding.”

Even the day I met David Tienst, a neuroscientist, he gave her a precise, personalized protocol.

Since then, her advice has been appropriately followed, she says. Also, the chapter dedicated to it in the book is titled “I was fortunate to have my team of speakers”.

A message of hope

Before approval of Diane Sauvier’s request, Marie-Yves Decayer did not address this episode in detail in her life, “which is very difficult”. It is a sensitive topic. Especially for the boxer.

Because there is always the verdict side: “Come on, you went through this and still want the box? “And for me, it’s tiring because I know health remains my priority. If I don’t have Dr.s Tinjust, no, I wouldn’t be back in the ring, she assures us. I know this is done with full knowledge of the facts and all necessary precautions. ”

Additionally, she claims to have learned a lot from this event that changed her – for the better – and made her sporting better.

You have to know the context. During this training in 2014, he got Fitness Trainer She asked the men who were training with her to open the machine. To test it. After the event, she initially got upset with it. Then she blamed herself for persevering, out of courage and pride, after she was shook.

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“It was a wake-up call. At the time, I was like Superman in my head. I still have that confidence, but before doing something, I ask myself the right questions and don’t hesitate to take a step back or to the side if I need to do so.” , She admits.

Marie-Yves Decker says she accepted the certification “to convey a message of hope”.

I still became a professional boxer and world champ after that.

Mary Yves Decker

“Providing relief to those who have had a concussion” is also the stated goal of the authors, we read in the back of the book.

Other characters interviewed are Martin Bidard, Alexandre Despatti, Simone Gagnier, Heidi Hollinger, Joey Juneau, Elise Marquez, Isabel Richter, Marianne Saint Gillet and Sebastian Tottant.

Co-authors are Veronik Sicard, Ph.D, and William Archambault, M. Sc, in collaboration with D.s Dave Ellemberg, Neuropsychology.

At the end of the chapters are boxes called “The Scientific Corner”, which answer some questions in each case. great idea.

Photo provided by the Flammarion of Quebec

Concussion – Ten personalities testify, the scholars explain

Concussion – Ten personalities testify, the scholars explain
Diane Sauvé, Veronik Sicard and William Archambault in collaboration with Dr.s Dave Ellemberg, Neuropsychology
Flammarion of Quebec
238 pages

Return to the saddle

PHOTO CARLOS OSORIO, Archives Associated Press

Clarissa Shields and Mary-Yves Decayer on March 5

We learned last week that Mary Yves Decker (17-1) will return to the ring on June 18, just three months after her apparent defeat by American Clarissa Shields. News surprised and delighted Quebec, in a hurry to turn the page on its back. “It’s a bit like a horse accident. You fell, you have to come back immediately. You will face Swedish Patricia Bergault (14-0, 3 KOs) for the WBC title. This duel will be presented in the semifinals of the first world championship in the new WBC category.” Ultra-lightweight, between GYM protege Óscar Rivas (27-1, 19 KOs) and American Bryant Jennings (24-4, 14 KOs)). In addition, promoter Yvon Michel plans to bring back Kim Clavel – just out Celebrity Big Brother – In the stadium on August 20, at the IGA Stadium. “All the necessary administrative procedures are underway,” he told us via text message. Finally, Wilfred Sye, still in the gym, will compete in the Second Olympic Games in Tokyo in July.

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