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Can you change the vaccine to the second dose in order to pass your health in time for it?

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“I have received my first dose of AstraZeneca, can I receive a second dose of RNA vaccine to receive the vaccination faster and get my health passport at the end of June, because I have to go to Spain?”, Asks Francois, his origin is from Rennes.

You’re not the only one of our readers, Francois, who asks us about choosing your second dose of Serum. In a more healthier record, other people, who have taken the first dose of AstraZeneca, would like to avoid a second dose of the unpopular Swedish Swedish vaccine.

Remember that to get your health going through or Her green certificate, the European Health Passport, You must have a “complete vaccination course”, that is, you received two doses of vaccines. Without these two doses, you can still present a negative RT-PCR test or a certificate of recovery from the patient. Covid-19.

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Choose your second dose?

Can we choose our second vaccination dose faster?

This scenario mainly relates to first-time vaccinations with AstraZeneca, just like you, Francois. Because the time between the two doses for this vaccine is twelve weeks. It comes to The longest delay compared to other vaccines : Six weeks for Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna and one dose for Janssen.

But going from the first injection of AstraZeneca to the second injection of RNA messenger vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) always means respect, here too, Twelve week period Between the two doses.

This is also what has been recommended since Friday April 9 and the opinion issued by the High Authority of Health: People under the age of 55 who received a first injection of AstraZeneca and who are no longer eligible for this vaccine, are now reserved for the older population, are encouraged to receive A second injection of messenger RNA vaccine Twelve weeks later.

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Let’s define thatIt is not possible to choose your vaccine anyway.

And according to the clarifications of the Ministry of Health, “It is not possible to choose between the vaccines currently offered because each has a“ target population. ”For each vaccine, an opinion from HAS defines who is eligible and the methods of use.”

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