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Canada: Boeing 737 Max freezes due to warning light

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A WestJet Boeing 737 MAX, which was scheduled to fly from Calgary to Toronto, was stopped just before take-off, after a cockpit warning light was illuminated, it was learned Friday. From the Canadian company.

The aircraft, whose model had been allowed to fly again since Wednesday in Canada, was to carry passengers onboard Flight WS 658.

“After normal engine operation, the monitoring system indicated a possible malfunction that requires verification,” said Lauren Stewart, a spokeswoman for Canada’s second largest airline, in an email to Agence France-Presse.

“It is a process that requires time and restarting the engines, which is what no one does with passengers on board,” she added, noting that the device has returned “to the door of the house.” “Boarding”.

The return flight of the WS 665 (from Toronto to Calgary) was canceled and passengers were redirected to other flights.

“This was the third commercial flight (of a Boeing 737 MAX) since the sky was reopened,” said Ms. Stewart, and the resumption of flights on this model by WestJet on Wednesday.

The plane has then been checked by maintenance crews and is expected to fly on Sunday.

The Boeing 737 Max resumed service in Canada on Wednesday after the Canadian government approved design changes and additional requirements for crew training in mid-December.

The plane was banned from flying in Canada for nearly 22 months, like many countries, after two accidents that killed 346 people.

At the end of December, an Air Canada Boeing 737-8 MAX, which was on a flight between Arizona and Montreal with three crew members on board, encountered an engine problem that forced it to land shortly after takeoff.

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Earlier in the same month, Brazil’s Goal became the first company in the world to return a Boeing 737 MAX to service on a seamless commercial flight between Sao Paulo and Puerto Alegre.

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