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Canada is well positioned, says the ambassador in Washington

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Canadian Ambassador Kirsten Hillman says Canadians and Quebecers have entered a new era of opportunity in the United States. Richard Latendres, Washington correspondent for TVA Nouvelles, spoke to her.

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The person who represented Canada at Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20 indicated that the topics discussed during the new president’s speech are favorable to Canada.

President Biden spoke of openness to the world as well as his appreciation for partners and allies. She believes the focus on combating climate change represents a wonderful opportunity for hydroelectric and mineral extraction in Quebec.

While the Biden administration also relies on protectionist measures, being able to lay the facts and demonstrate that punitive action will harm the economy and jobs in the United States allows for more leeway.

The relationship that has already developed between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Joe Biden is likely to be very important.

“The strong relationship between the two leaders helps a lot. That is not the only thing, it is not the solution to all the difficulties that may arise, but it is very important,” explains the ambassador.

She believes that the bond of trust that already exists between the two leaders is very positive, but also that the two men share similar values.

“If we agree on 90% of what we are trying to do together, and if we have leaders who know each other and trust each other, then they will have the will to move past difficult times,” he says.I am Hillman.

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