Thursday, February 29, 2024

Canada will donate “a few million” doses of vaccine surpluses

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In the closing statement, Canada will pledge to donate to poor countries a few million doses of COVID-19 vaccines from its surplus stocks, according to a source from the Canadian delegation.

However, the vast majority of Canada’s promised 100 million doses will come from financial investments (about $500 million) already announced as part of the COVAX Vaccine Sharing Program.

The Canadian government insisted that its promise would not slow down vaccination in Canada.

In all, the Group of Seven has pledged to provide more than one billion doses to countries in need. According to our information, this number could be revised upward in the statement published on Sunday.

On the third and final day of their summit, G7 leaders addressed the climate emergency.

Photo: AP / Brendan Smialowski

hot climate issue

As the Glasgow climate conference approaches in November, there is pressure on the G7 regarding the climate emergency.

Under the leadership of the United States, the countries will unveil a large-scale infrastructure plan to promote green recovery in developing countries and thus counterbalance the growing economic influence of China.

They should also pledge to mobilize $100 billion annually in climate finance and enable least advantaged countries to reduce their emissions.

In this regard, Canada promises a new commitment PioneerAccording to a government source.

The G7 also wants to reduce its emissions by attacking coal mining. Canada announced Friday that it will complicate the development of thermal coal mining in Canada.

Environmental groups expect a lot, such as ending fossil fuel subsidies and ending oil and gas projects.

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Continuing to subsidize fossil fuels is literally fueling the climate crisis, despite all the green rhetoricAccording to Patrick Bonin, Climate and Energy Campaign Manager at Greenpeace Canada.

The G7 must also pledge to reverse the erosion of biodiversity by 2030.

message to China?

US President Joe Biden has made clear his intention to unite the group to compete with China. The language chosen in the closing statement will make it possible to measure the unity of the group and its strategic position. The question of human rights can be raised. Joe Biden in particular wanted to incite his colleagues to denounce forced labor in Xinjiang.

On Saturday, Justin Trudeau again raised the issue of Beijing’s arbitrary detention of two Canadians, first with Joe Biden directly and then at the table with all his peers.

It is currently impossible to know whether the latest press release will condemn the practice of arbitrary arrests.

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