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Canada will look disappointed for its big comeback at the World Cup

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As you know, the FIFA World Cup will be held this fall in Qatar.

Let’s skip this country’s nomination to present the world’s most important championship and instead look at Nike’s unveiling of the Nations Uniform.

Although the first match will only be in November, all 32 teams are putting the finishing touches to their uniforms in preparation for the tournament and Nike has revealed most of the new designs on their social media.

And soon we noticed something…

Honestly disappointing shirt

Canada, who will compete in the World Cup for the first time since 1986 thanks to play inspired by young stars such as Alphonso Davies and Jonathan David, will choose a red shirt and a white shirt. As usual.

And that’s the problem.

As Patrick Lagasse (and many others) point out, the look of the Canadian uniform is the same as usual, though Nike has confirmed that Canada will use the first introduced uniform in 2021.

Let’s compare, for a moment, Canada’s efforts with those of other countries.

Portugal, for example, dares to diagonal stripes and color combinations.

Brazil defies its traditional colors, the patterns on the sleeves and the color of the shirt.

And what about Australia and the undeniable punch of shirts.

Canada, on the other hand, remains very sober. Too monotonous. “We don’t offend anyone by staying as big as possible,” Alberta said.

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According to The Athletic, who has interviewed several Soccer Canada stakeholders, the uniform change process spans several years and the national team’s rapid ascent may have failed in the preparations. In other words, Canadian football grew on gas a few years ago and lost the window to start producing a World Cup jersey.

All the same especially disappointing.

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