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Canada’s Conservative Party ends investigation into racist emails

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Canada’s Conservative Party (CPC) said it has ended its investigation into a racist email sent to leadership candidate Patrick Brown’s campaign team after the member who allegedly wrote the letter resigned.

The resignation ends the investigation, said Chinese Communist Party spokesman Wen Benson, adding that information about the member in question will be preserved in case that person tries to join its ranks again.

The email surfaced last week when Calgary MP Michelle Remple Garner, who is helping Brown in the leadership race, shared a screenshot on Twitter of an email the team allegedly received from an active party member.

The Canadian Press was unable to display a copy of the email in question.

The text shared by Ms. Rimple Garner raises support for Nazism and contains racist remarks against blacks and Asians. It ends with the support of Pierre Pouliver, a Conservative MP from the Ottawa region who is also in the leadership race.

In response to the email reported by Mr Brown’s team last week, Mr Poliver replied: “If you’re a racist, I don’t want your vote.”

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