[EN IMAGES] Bombardier unveils 8000 Global, the fastest civilian aircraft since Concorde

Bombardier on Monday announced the launch of the Global 8000, a new aircraft that it claims is “the fastest aircraft in civil aviation since Concorde.”

With a range of up to 8000 nautical miles (about 14,800 km), the new aircraft can reach a top speed of Mach 0.94 (1,160 km/h), which is almost the speed of sound (1,235 km/h).

During tests conducted in 2021, the aircraft slightly exceeded the speed of sound, reaching Mach 1,015.

“During this test flight, the aircraft also became the first transport-class aircraft to reach supersonic speed using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF),” Bombardier said when introducing its new model on Monday.

In addition to its in-flight performance, the aircraft promises more comfort to its passengers, which includes the characteristics of the Global 7500 group.

The Global 8000 takes advantage of the outstanding features of the Global 7500, the pioneering aircraft of a new era for our customers. “We remain unrivaled, which is extraordinary for a team as focused on innovation as ours,” said Eric Martel, President and CEO of Bombardier.

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