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Cap-Chat factory hopes for financial ‘miracle’

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The parish organization can no longer afford the costs related to its operation, heating and maintenance of the Capchat Church, whose heritage value is recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Communications.

The head of the Fabrik Council, Denis Roy, recalls that the presentation of the various sacraments has a cost and calls on parishioners to show solidarity.

She asks them to pay tithes of $50 a year, or else the church, also known for her voice, according to Ms. Roy, may have to close.

All I want is the people’s support. It’s not going to the block that we ask of them, it’s about preserving and keeping this building that way. Let it be practical, but let’s not shut it down to make it a building that will deteriorate over the years. It will be very valuable, because we have a very beautiful church but it requires a lot of investment.Ms. Roy explains.

I’m not asking you to fall into debt, I’m just asking you to help us. »

Quote from Denis Roy, President of the Cape Chat Diocese Fabric Council

Denis Roy, Chairman of the Fabrique de l’église de Cap-Chat.

Photo: Radio Canada/Pierre Chapelin de Montvallon

The financial burden

Like other similar organizations, the Cap-Chat Parish factory is burdened with the high cost of maintaining its church.

For example, a parish organization must pay $7,000 per month in the winter to heat the building, an obligation imposed by insurance companies.

The secretary hired by Fabrique had to apply for employment insurance benefits because Fabrique could no longer pay them. It’s a vicious cycleDenise Roy launches, because without a secretary, the factory cannot guarantee the opening of his office, a basic service Where people usually go.

It’s a big loss for us because people are used to coming, but it takes a secretaryshe explained.

The Cap-Chat Church is seen from the outside under a very gray sky.

Cap Chat Church.

Photo: Radio Canada/Pierre Chapelin de Montvallon

Health restrictions prevented La Fabrique from organizing meals and shows, depriving her of a large part of her income.

The assets we have accumulated before, we are going to sell them. We’ve reached the minimum amount of money we can getMs. Roy explains.

how to do? I would like a miracle product. »

Quote from Dennis Roy

Dennis Roy hopes that activities for the factory will be able to ease this financial burden when health restrictions are lifted.

Interior view of the Cap Chat Church from its altar.

La Fabrique had to pay $7,000 a month in the winter to heat the interior of the church.

Photo: Radio Canada/Pierre Chapelin de Montvallon

The regrouping project with the dioceses of La Martre, Tourelle, Cap-Seize and Sainte-Anne-des-Monts has been on the diocesan table for two years, but the pandemic has slowed the process.

Cap-Chat Church, also called Saint-Norbert Church, has a prestigeheritage buildingAccording to the classification of the Ministry of Culture and Communications, indicating that this church is of heritage importance for its architectural value and For its historical value as a witness to the development of the city.

Only the outer shell of the church is protected by this designation.

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