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Capcom au E3 2021: Monster Hunter Stories 2

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Monster Hunter fans should be satisfied with Capcom’s demo of E3 2021, as we’re told about the imminent arrival of a new installment in the saga.

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Monster Hunter 2 Wings of Ruin Stories

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is a new Monster Hunter game, created of course by Capcom, that will feature Razewing Ratha. Razewing Ratha is a dragon with tremendous power that you will get to lay his egg on. He will then become a Monstie (Pet Monster) and together you will have to unravel the mystery of the Wings of Ruin. Not much information has been given about the story, but you can watch the trailer below to help shed some light.

A beta will be available on June 25, and any progress you make can be kept when the game launches on July 9. You can also link your Monster Hunter Rise to new Monster Hunter Stories 2 saves to receive the Kamura Garb armor as a reward.

The game is already available for pre-order and you will also receive a Kamura Maiden outfit from Ena as a reward if you order it now.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 already has a few updates planned, including the arrival of Monster Hunter Rise’s Palamute as a Monstie. So it can be your faithful companion for adventure as of July 15th.

Three new amiibos were also revealed during the show. First, Amiibo from Ena, then Amiibo from Razewing Ratha, and finally, Amiibo from Tsukino.

Monster Hunter Rise

Meanwhile, Monster Hunter Rise is getting a new update called 3.1 on June 24th. This new update will bring new downloadable content to the game as well as new special missions for the occasion.

ace attorney records

Ace Attorney Chronicles finally arrives in Quebec thanks to Capcom bringing us these classic detective games straight from Japan. Ace Attorney Chronicles is a puzzle and crime game, but it is also a lawyer game at the same time. Take the place of a 19th century defense attorney and build a strong case to defend your existing clients and win their cases. You’ll have to trade in front of a jury, and thus hope to tip the scales of justice on your side (literally).

Ace Attorney Chronicles, which Capcom brings us directly from Japan, will have two new little additions. First, the conclusion dance. The conclusion dance is a series of massive, but partially wrong, conclusions made by the detective. The player will then be directed to disprove the theory by finding additional evidence and a verbal duel will allow the investigators and attorney (you) to find the true answer.

Second, the summary test allows the player during trials to speak directly to the jury to better understand the reasons behind their vote (guilty or not). The lawyer can then try to convince them otherwise by pointing out errors in their reasoning or in their version of the facts.

Ace Attorney Chronicles will be available July 27.

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