The next Mac Pro could use Intel’s Ice Lake Xeon W-3300

Although the transition to Apple Silicon is going well and should be talked about in the fall with the launch of the new MacBook Pro, Intel may not have had its last word on Macs just yet. One model in particular should stay a little longer with x86 processors from Apple’s old partner: the Mac Pro, which will be updated one last time with an Intel CPU if rumors and other clues are to be believed by the Cupertino company.

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New Intel Mac Pro processor passes Xcode 13 beta

New Intel Mac Pro processor passes Xcode 13 beta

Here’s the Intel processor that your next Mac Pro (Intel image) could use.

The latest information comes from @ 结 城 安 -YuuKi_AnS, a reliable source for Intel rumors according to specialized site موقع WCCFTech. In this way leaker In China, Apple will use the Ice Lake Xeon W-3300 processor family to update the Mac Pro. This is Intel’s latest line of CPUs for workstations and is due out in the coming weeks.

This range consists of multiple processors, with the Xeon W-3375 at the top having 38 physical and multiple cores. threads As well as the maximum frequency of 4 GHz. That’s ten more cores than the most powerful CPU available in the current Mac Pro, and Intel also uses a 10nm pattern, compared to today’s 14nm, allowing for significant performance improvements without an explosion in consumption. Also in Xeon Ice Lake, up to 4TB of RAM can be managed – versus “currently” 1.5TB – and still 64 PCIe lanes.

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Even if Apple relies on this range, we cannot know the exact characteristics of the Mac Pro, since the company is used to using specific processors modified by Intel to meet its requirements. Anyway, this new computer will be released in 2022 according to that day’s rumor and it should be the last relic of the Intel era. Apple Silicon side, we’re expecting a new Mac Pro that’s smaller and logically less expandable, which likely explains this lengthy transition to the California-designed big tower.

The future Mac mini and Mac Pro will have hearts, lots of hearts

The future Mac mini and Mac Pro will have hearts, lots of hearts

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