Caroline Guiela Nguyen gets stuck in a crazy and funny science fiction علمي

Chronique Davignon – Despite some sweet moments in the theater, the 39-year-old writer and director struggles to impress with her “brotherhood, great story”.

In 2017, she charmed with the 71st Avignon Festival Saigon, A slow, long and quivering fresco in Indochina ends in 1956, the departure of the humble French colonists in love with the country, separation from their Vietnamese friends, some of whom will also move to France … Saigon It simply tells the story of the people, of the peoples crushed by history, located very simply, and very concretely, in two great dining rooms; One in Saigon in the past, the other in Paris in 1996. On the stage, amateur and professional actors, both French and Vietnamese, loved and tore each other apart.

Writer and director Caroline Joyela Nguyen, 39, loves to show and tell the world with sensitive feelings, vivid sensations, and words that are true, fair and simple. With “Company of Rough Men” created in 2009, it also excels in epic formats where the chorus of unknown, forgotten, and humiliated men and women are heard. In extreme emotional danger, tender and gentle melancholy, always bordering on melodrama: an exciting and precarious equilibrium.

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