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Cerete de Quebec | Martin Prudhomme and Quebec have settled amicably

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A major development in the arm-wrestling game between the government and the general director of the Sûreté du Québec for more than two years; 29 months after Martin Prudhomme was temporarily relieved of his jobs, Quebec has just reached an amicable agreement with the latter.

Daniel Reno

Daniel Reno

The agreement, the financial terms of which we do not know, specifically stipulates that Martin Prudhomme announces his retirement “from public service as Director-General of the Secretariat of Quebec” and ends his civil action against the government. On the other hand, due to Martin Prudhomme’s retirement, Quebec withdrew the ethics investigation request submitted to the Civil Service Commission.

“The past two years have been difficult for my family and loved ones. I am making the decision to put an end to this litigation that has already deprived us of more than two years of our lives,” Martin Prudhomme wrote in a statement sent to the media, which also addresses the staff and police officers of the Sûreté du Québec.

“I will leave an organization characterized first and foremost by the quality of the people who make it up. I would like to thank you for your valuable, continuous and unwavering support over the past few years. Continue your great work with our people with the commitment that sets you apart and that makes our National Police Force a competent and rigorous police force. You have an essential role Because our citizens know they can count on you to live in a safe environment. It was an honor to be your manager. Thank you and I salute you,” adds Mr. Prud’homme, who will not make any further comments due to the confidentiality of the agreement.

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Bleached, but never returned

It should be noted that in March 2019, Martin Prudhomme was relieved of his duties after being targeted in the BEI Division’s investigation into leaks at the Permanent Anti-Corruption Unit and the manner in which UPAC led the investigation that led to the arrest of Representative Jay Owlette in October 2017.

La Presse then revealed that the complaint against Martin Prudhomme came from the former Director of Criminal and Punitive Prosecutions (DPCP), Mr.NS Annick Murphy, who would have been frightened during a phone conversation with the general manager of Souriate de Quebec.

After an investigation for a few months by the FBI (BEI), Martin Prudhomme was completely exonerated.

But the government did not reinstate him and requested an analysis of the situation by a panel of three legal experts that recommended his dismissal. Quebec then asked the Public Service Commission to conduct an ethics investigation with Martin Prud’homme who responded in November 2020, by filing a lawsuit in the Supreme Court requesting that this investigation be terminated and returned to his duties.

Minister Guilbault responded with a press release on Monday noon. It announced that the government was in the process of ending the ethics investigation against Mr Prudhomme, which ended in any case with the retirement of the SQ General Manager.

“This decision was taken following an agreement between the Government of Quebec and Mr. Prud’homme and takes into account his confirmed departure from public service, as well as the withdrawal of the legal action he had initiated. As the terms of the agreement are confidential, no comments will be made,” the Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Quebec wrote.

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“Steps to appoint a person to the General Department of the Secretariat of Quebec will be implemented as soon as possible in order to ensure the continuity of this great institution. In the meantime, M. saidI Johann Beausoleil remains in his position as interim general manager of Souriate de Quebec”, concludes M.I Gilbolt.

After Jay Owlette’s apology

According to our information, shortly after UPAC Commissioner Frédéric Goudreau publicly apologized to Jay Owlette on June 10, negotiations for a settlement had begun between the government’s attorney and Martin Prudhomme’s attorney.

In mid-July, Le d’Ivoire reported that the Supreme Court, in his lawsuit, rejected Martin Prudhomme’s questioning of Minister Gilbolt and the highest state official, Yves Ole, but he was absolutely right. He was even allowed to interrogate for five hours, Line Bérubé, an official who was at the General Secretariat for Senior Jobs when he was relieved of his duties in March 2019 and retired just over a year ago.

The agreement between Quebec and Martin Prudhomme, which had been negotiated for several weeks, probably had nothing to do with the publication of 192-page denials written by two UPAC officers whose content was published. by La Presse last Friday.

Martin Prudhomme’s term was due to expire in December 2022.

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