CH CEO: Agent at the top of the list

The search for a replacement for Mark Bergevin has officially begun. If it is clear that some individuals are campaigning and trying to publicly promote their candidacy, others are more conservative.

I have no doubt that the Canadian will be very open minded, that is, they will take an “outside the box” approach and will want to think outside the box to find the best possible candidate. The pressure is continuous. We can’t go wrong.

With each passing day, it seems like a new name is being added to the list. The more I analyze Jeff Gorton’s press briefing on Friday, the more I wonder if he’s starting his game more than you think. The former GM Rangers claimed that his right hand could be a former player or even an agent. For former players, there is no shortage of apps. We didn’t spoil ourselves this week!

When it comes to players’ representatives, Pat Bryson’s name pops up right away. His name was also published in 2012. However, I don’t think any of the most influential agents in the NHL are willing to jump on the fence and let go of his impressive client list, which includes Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane, and Nathan. McKinnon. And the company. We can cross it off the list.

in a Montreal MagazineWe brought up the names St├ęphane Fest, Dominique de Blois, Vincent Lucavalier, Emilie Castonjoy, Paul Corbell, Eric Luppian, Kent Hughes and Allen Roy. We can also add Claude Lemieux.

Link with Gorton

However, the person who I think is one step ahead of all these hockey greats, including Daniel Breer, Matthew Dartch and Martin Madden Jr., is Montrealer Kent Hughes.

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First, Hughes’ reputation is well established in the hockey world. He is known as one of the best negotiators in the “game”. I’ve been told he’s been courted in the past for senior management positions with large organizations, but that didn’t “fit”.

Will he be ready to leave Quartexx Management, an agency he has created over the years, and take on the challenge in Montreal?

Working and living in Boston, Gorton and Hughes often found themselves in the same circles of influence in the 1990s and early 2000s. There is no doubt that a bond was formed between the two men.

If Hughes wasn’t ready or interested in the GM position in the past, would he be now? Her children are all in university. Perhaps he is ready for the challenge. The fact that you grew up in Montreal and endorse the Canadian can undoubtedly be an additional element that would work for the organization.

Hughes grew up in Montreal before moving to Boston. If supporters fear that Gorton is hiring a puppet, it is clear that the high-profile agent will not abandon all of his clients for a second role as a violinist in Montreal. Giving him the reins of the organization will be a clear indication that you want someone strong as your CEO.

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