CH CEO: Patrick Roy interviewed

The news surrounding Patrick Roy has spread in recent days, but we now know that he met the Montreal Canadiens for the position of general manager.

Renaud Lavoie said Saturday night: “This meeting has been in the planning for a long time since Jeff Molson contacted Jacques Tangway (President of Remparts de Québec) to ask for permission to speak to Patrick Roy.

“Why so he denied in a Thursday press conference that he was meeting the Canadians on Friday?” I spoke to him today and he mentioned that he wants to protect Canadians in the process. He didn’t know if he had the right to say he was actually a candidate, and eventually the Canadians told him it was okay to mention it.”

Now that all of that is settled, is he still in the running for GM?

“He’s one of the good candidates in the process, but there are a lot of them who are good candidates. We can think of Roberto Longo, Daniel Breer, Mathieu Darci, Kent Hughes, Stefan Kintal, Mark Dennis…

“I haven’t heard of a meeting that went wrong yet, quite the opposite. The level of respect towards each candidate is very high. A lot of people have been interviewed, but we wanted to make sure the CH side talks to everyone. There will now be a second round of interviews” .

When, then, will the next general manager of the boarding complex be appointed?

“We’ll see how the process progresses, maybe next week or maybe in a couple of weeks,” said Renault Lavoye. But one thing is for sure, there will be a General Manager who will be appointed in January.”

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See all the details with Renaud Lavoie in the video above.

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