CH-Leafs: Five Quebecers Gone to the Enemy

The rivalry between the Canadians and Maple Leaves may not have peaked in the past three decades, but there is a traditional enmity between the two sides that persists for historical, social and political reasons.

The matches between CH and the Leafs in the regular season are always lively. Not to mention what is said in the stands … when the crowd is there, of course.

This has never prevented a large number of Quebecers from wearing the club’s colors over the decades.

Here are five of them who have, at one point or another in their careers, wore the colors of the two rival teams who will face each other in the qualifiers for the first time since 1979, starting next Thursday.

Dickie Moore

Henry Richard, Maurice Richard and Dicky Moore

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Henry Richard, Maurice Richard and Dicky Moore

Montrealer split sharply from CH in 1963, after 12 glorious seasons and six Stanley Cups. Thinking about retiring at first and dealing primarily with the rental business he had already started, the Maple Leaves team demanded in the 1964 Domestic League draft, that Moore had a serious knee injury at work, former No. 12 player chose to respond to the coach’s call for a “punch” Flash.

At the age of 33, Moore did not produce offensively that season in Toronto, which ended with a first-round knockout … against the Canadians. However, Kipcare had delighted the club’s staff enough to receive an offer for the following season, but chose to return to retirement. Even if he came back to play with the St. Louis Blues in 1967!

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Jack Blunt

Jack Blunt

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Jack Blunt

Jack Blunt made it rain and shine in Montreal from 1952 to 1963, but it’s easy to forget that he was a professional hockey player until 1975, when he was 45 years old. After leaving CH, where he won six Stanley Cups, the Quebec goalkeeper played for a few teams, including Maple Leafs, between 1970 and 1973, with whom he found himself after a three-team deal. Including sending defender Tim Horton to New York Rangers.

Blunt, 41, led the national league in the 1970-1971 season with the highest number of goals against the average, in addition to being nominated for the second All-Star team. He also performed very well over the next two seasons before being traded for the Boston Bruins. Great among the greats.

Vincent Dambos

Before the Canadian acquired it in the summer of 1992, Damphousse was the first choice, sixth overall, from Maple Leaves in 1986. Quebec did not disappoint in Toronto, with 94 points in 1989-1990. But it traded with Edmonton Oilers in 1991 and less than a year later, then-Canadian GM Serge Savard didn’t miss his chance to secure a top-tier Quebec player when it “ became possible to obtain his services.

A few months later, after a season of 39 goals and 97 points, Damphousse was enjoying the 24th Stanley Cup in the team’s history. Montreal ended up playing seven strong seasons with CH, being the captain for some time, before being traded for the San Jose Sharks in 1999.

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Yannick Perrault

Yannick Perrault

Photo Toronto Sun

Yannick Perrault

The major specialist in showdown was the pick for Leaves in the fourth round in 1991 and after playing quite a few matches with the team three years later, he moved to the Los Angeles Kings before returning to Leaves. In the spring of 1999. In 2001, Habs awarded him a three-season contract. It was the first of the best of his career (56 points), but Perreault’s performance then faltered on the next two points.

When lockdown returned, and he stole an entire season of hobbyists in 2004-2005, Perreault became a member of the Nashville Predators.

Pierre Alexandre Parento

Pierre Alexandre Parento

Archival photo, PIERRE-PAUL POULIN

Pierre Alexandre Parento

Here’s one that younger ones will remember: Al-Kindi got his first “PA” from avalanche in June 2014 opposite veteran Daniel Brier. Attacking player, author of a 67-point season three years ago with the New York Islanders, Quebec struggled during his one year in Montreal.

Annoyed by injuries, in particular, Parenteau only collected 22 points with CH in 2014-2015. However, he managed to turn back the following season after settling with Maple Leafs, scoring 20 goals and 41 points with the Ontario team.

Famous personalities include: Stefan Robidas, Robert Picard, Michel “Bunny” LaRock, Gaston Gingras, Jill Thibaut, Lucien Diplois, Sylvain Lefebvre, Sergio Mumiso, and Francois Piuchmen.

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