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“Téodore pas de H”: The happiest evolution of Philippe Audrey LaRoux Saint-Jacques

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Tony Vaughn
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Thanks to the return of “Téodore pas de H”, Philippe-Audrey Larrue-St-Jacques was able, for the first time, to develop a character with a dramatic curve during the second season. In the most recent episodes of the web series shown on, Tudor is undergoing a major change with his testimony and romantic aspirations.

“What I really loved with Téodore, was getting him to find out about his relationship with Relief and he could work that challenge, as entrusted to the humorist and the actor. Kind of frailty, that’s what I liked. In Season 1, he was very anxious, uncertain, and very“ weary ”. Season two, it’s more gentle and benevolent. “

“The continuity with Tudor is that he’s always clumsy. The more intentional, the more foolish he is, apparently. And he’s very close to me in real life. (Laughs)”

Comedy versus drama

What does Philip Audrey want to present to Téodore in this web series written by Natalie Domar, who also plays Agath?

“I didn’t want to bring him the self-compassion side; I especially wanted to exploit suspicion because I know it. I wanted to bring him honest doubt and my somewhat awkward comedic side in real life to mitigate it. Tudor, if you turn it on first-rate, it’s gone. It becomes really painful, really heavy, and not pleasant to watch. The level of humor brings a lightness that gives perspective everywhere [de la websérie]We want to be his friend and he succeeds. “

Although he was hugely successful on stage with people laughing, his 2010 graduate of the Institute of Dramatic Arts in Montreal was not limited to acting in front of the cameras, as his acting in “Téodore pas de H” proves. “

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“The acting instinct never left me,” he explains. When someone sends me a casting proposal and someone explains the project to me, I don’t think, a priori, funny or not so funny, about job placement. I am really thinking as an actor, that is, can I do something for the role and am I the right person for this role. “

Another voice

With this fictional work, Philip Audrey LaRue Saint-Jacques and his colleagues combine the useful with the fun.

“The big compliment that Tudor got is that we were translating into a reality that didn’t translate much on TV. Somehow, it underestimated all the biases we could have about ADHD. The fact that Agath has some, it’s more about underestimating it.” That, it gives more depth and more angle. “

Since bestowing his features on this character, the artist says he has received a lot of very moving comments, testimonials and thanks.

“I think this web series has a value and significance that I originally didn’t even suspect. It fits with what I hope to do for a living: things that mean something.”

Felipe Audrey LaRue Saint Jacques will continue to explore the dramatic world by joining the cast of “Les Honorables” Season 2. He was given the role of a criminal.

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