Champions League / After Villarreal-Liverpool (2-3) / Jurgen Klopp: “What Unai Emery is doing is amazing”

Jurgen Klopp still has reason to rest. The Liverpool coach was not making wide progress in the first half From the Champions League semi-final return match, Tuesday, on Villarreal meadow (2-3). And he saw that the Yellow Submarine recovered from its handicap with two goals in one period, after its defeat at Anfield Stadium in the first leg (2-0). And if he doesn’t recognize his team during those first 45 minutes, it’s thanks to the Spaniards. “At first we liked themrecognized by the German technician. We weren’t building anything. We weren’t playing in the right spaces. We were throwing long balls and we were forced to play.”
Liverpool were able to respond, come back to score and even win. Klopp did not fail to commend his players for his change of heart. He is enjoying this return to the final, and the third for the Reds in the last five editions. “to me At the break, we explained to the boys that we have to be stronger and move smartera statement. We weren’t moving enough. We couldn’t find our circles. Our three attackers were arrested. We had to solve it all. This final, I feel was the first. It’s always special. “

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“We saw Liverpool’s shortcomings… and above all their ability to correct them”

The former Dortmund coach is well aware that his men’s second-half performances were decisive in allowing Liverpool to challenge for the European title. Because there was holy opposition. “Big respect for VillarrealThe Reds coach was fired. It’s a great stadium, and what they’re doing here, what Unai (Emery) is doing, it’s amazing. We deserved it, but this victory really comes from a great performance by the players. Back from 2-0…

“We knew the effort would punish us.”

As Emery appreciates. The former Paris Saint-Germain coach has highlighted the work of his men to believe in an incredible achievement. Even if he suspected that the immorality of the energy to catch up with this handicap would be paid for. “In the break, I always thought it was going to be very difficult.Difficult, he said. The goal was to score the first goal to get close to “Remontada”. We did it. The second really encouraged us. We knew the effort in the first period would punish us later, but we had people willing to come off the bench.. “

But the Spanish technician did not have the weapons that Klopp does. Especially after the setback of Gerard Moreno, whose absence was very harmful to Villarreal in the first leg. “He told us he felt something about his injury so we didn’t take any risks, he really tried really hard to be there that evening (Tuesday)It is to explain. He was the only one who allowed us to fight duels close to their line of defense, and without him, we wouldn’t have any more. The team was not prepared to maintain this pace throughout the match. It was not enough. We missed a little thingBut that doesn’t take anything away from his team’s great run.

Boulay Diaa is Villarreal’s top scorer – Liverpool

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