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Halo Infinite 120fps mode is available on Xbox Series S!

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While the second season of infinite aura Started in the last hours 343 Industries teams have made many changes to the game. If additional content is available fromThe answer to this article with the launch of the videoThe technical side also has nothing to be ashamed of.

Playing at 120 FPS on Xbox Series S? It’s now possible on Halo Infinite

Many technical and convenience improvements have arrived by location Hello Waypoint. The main news is very good news for the players Xbox Series S, where 120 frames per second mode appears! It is also possible to completely modify the stroke that appears on the players, between its opacity and thickness. The developers at 343 Industries have even gone so far as to allow it to be completely removed. This promises a lot of confusion since this boundary is often the only way to distinguish between allies and foes…except in certain situations each man is for himself.

Bots are also more efficient:

  • They can board friendly vehicles
  • Complete objectives in capturing the flag or area
  • Their abilities can be modified more easily in the training part

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