Charlevoix: Emily Foster thinks she’s “made the rounds” of politics

“After 10 years I feel the need to say I am turning the page on political life,” declared Ms. Foster.

In a few months, the 11 years of politics for Emily Foster will be behind her.

“I feel like I’ve done enough as an activist, as a vice president, I was on the political staff in the Cabinet in the National Assembly, and I got elected, so yes I did the role,” she said.

The woman, who still has a CAQ tattoo on her heart, will contribute to the political world in a completely different way with her luggage.

“It would be better to pass on my experience to future generations in teaching or doing research. I already have a lot of corners in my head for research that I would like to do,” she laughs.

The pandemic has been difficult for Parliament. Insults rained down on social networks from all sides.

“It was brewing with the pandemic, it was something,” she explains. Did that affect his choice? “No, not at all. It was a bit difficult to pass. This has already calmed down,” adds the current MP for Charlevois cot de Beaubre.

According to her, her government has invested just over $400 million in the county.

She insists, “Ambulance workers’ shift schedules are still a challenge, but I’m still working very hard to the end and the same for Parc National de la Côte-de-Charlevoix.”

Among her most significant achievements, the woman considers the La Malbaie hospital expansion project to be the most significant. The majority of Charlevoise people, who met on Wednesday, said they were satisfied with Ms Foster’s work.

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Emily Foster continues her work. She emphasized that an important announcement should be made in the coming weeks.

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