Charlotte Le Bon shooting her first movie in Quebec

Charlotte Le Bon is currently filming her first feature film as Laurentians, falcon lakeStarring Sarah Monpetit, Mona Shoukry, Karen Gunther-Hindman.

The poster will also show the name of the young French actor Joseph Engel. The film tells the summer adventures of a teenager from Paris who will spend his vacation in a chalet near a lake in Quebec, where his mother belongs.

During his stay, the 13-year-old develops a unique relationship with the 16-year-old daughter of his mother’s old friend.

Charlotte Le Bon and French actor Joseph Engel on the set of Falcon Lake, the first film for a Quebec actress, in Laurentians.

Image courtesy, Fred Gervais

Co-production from Quebec and France, which is the filming of this adaptation of the novel sisterBy Bastian Vives, started on July 23 and will run through August 29. Note that the original music will be signed by Klô Pelgag.

In front of, then behind the camera

Founded in France over 10 years ago, Charlotte Le Bon first rose to prominence as the crazy weather forecaster for Canal+ before going on to shoot as an actress in France and the US, responding in particular with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac.

In 2018, she made her first short film as a director. Judith Hotel, at the Cannes Film Festival. The interview took place in magazineIn 2019, she revealed that she was working on an adaptation of Vivès’ novel while admitting her desire to reconnect with Quebec.

“I bought myself a house on the edge of a lake because I intend to come and spend more time here, especially during the summer, when it is less active, on the business side, in France. Also because I miss my country and my family. Although I have lived in Paris for 10 years , except that it exhausts me culturally. I need to go back to Canada to recharge my batteries,” I hurried.

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