Snack Pow wants more canned snacks

Cans filled not with liquor or beer, but with peanut mixtures. Sherbrooke’s new Snack Pow company offers snacks in eco-friendly aluminum containers.

The company’s goal with these new cans was to stand out from the competition, but also to promote the circular economy. Snack Pow also invited several craftsmen from the area to create the enclosure. The new company also works with Les Aliments Jari, known for its bulk foods.

We can find cans in vending machines at the University of Sherbrooke for some time. The company conducted qualitative studies there in order to “hit the nail on the head with respect to colors and patterns”.

The idea was also to create practical cans. Fits perfectly in cup holders, bags, etc.

Snacks are available in convenience stores and grocery stores in Quebec; IGA, Provigo, Couche-Tard and soon Jean Coutu. “Every day we have new points of sale,” said Les Aliments Director of Sales and Marketing Jari Snack Pow, Robin Charest.

The ultimate goal of the company is to expand its sales area. There is interest in the Maritimes, Ontario and Western Canada. Of course, we are also looking forward to going to the United States,” confirmed Robin Charst.

New flavors can also be added. The range currently contains twelve flavors, but limited editions, partnerships, and new permanent flavors are being considered. With cans reminiscent of small beer cans, beer flavors have not been left out of future ideas.

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