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China: An actress dreams of a new nose … a process that deforms it …

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Beijing | Pictures of an actress’ deformed nose after botched plastic surgery on Friday sparked a wave of outrageous reactions in China on social networks, in a country with a large number of candidates.

The plastic surgery sector is booming in China, supported by rising incomes, community alienation, and a desire to increase one’s chances of getting a job.

Chinese actress and singer Zhao Liu had hoped that rhinoplasty would further her career.

But the operation at the end of October turned out to be a “nightmare”. This week, she wrote supporting photos to five million subscribers on the Weibo social network.

The young woman, in her twenties, appears with bandages and bruises on her nose, and her head is clearly sore. These photos contrast with the other footage that shows the actress standing smiling with a young man’s face.

“I thought four hours [d’opération] It will make me more beautiful, but I never imagined it would be the beginning of a nightmare “which requires additional interventions, Ms. Gao regrets.”

The actress said she was hospitalized for 61 days and lost about 400,000 yuan (79 Canadian dollars) due to her inability to work.

His post sparked a strong reaction on social media in China, and the hashtag “Why plastic surgery is so popular” got more than 330 million views on the Weibo platform on Friday.

“I feel bad about Gao Liu. Everyone should take this as a warning and be aware of the dangers of plastic surgery,” wrote one user whose comment was liked more than 100,000 times.

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“This hospital is a real trick!” Another denunciation, calling for the institution to be condemned.

Treasury and specialty clinics have flourished in recent years in China, especially in the country’s major cities.

About 15.2 million patients underwent the surgery last year, according to a study by Chinese company iiMedia.

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