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Christian La Roche is probably the distributor in Quebec who has been directly affected by the epidemic. Five days before the release of You will remember meOn March 20, 2020, cinemas closed their doors. No new release date has been set for this adaptation of François Arcampault’s play, directed by Eric Tessier.

Marc-Andre LucierMarc-Andre Lucier

“On March 12, 2020, in the evening, we were in Quebec for a preview You will remember meOpal Films director, remembers. Already, rumors of the impending closure of movie theaters are spreading. The film was warmly received by the audience, but when we returned to Montreal the next day, we made the decision to withdraw it because although the theaters had not been officially announced yet, all cultural events were canceled one by one. We told ourselves it would be better to stop everything in there, even if that meant losing a third of the $ 300K we had already invested in the promotion. Looking back, I’m so glad I made that decision, as we didn’t have to restart the movie after a very short release, such as Dealer Goddess of Fire is flying [Entract Films] I had to do this. ”

Image provided by OPALE Films

Carel Tremblay and Remy Gerrard in You will remember me

and since then?

There were supposed to be two more Quebec feature films distributed by Films Opale for the event in 2020: Vinland ClubDirected by Benoit Pilon, he was scheduled to take the poster a month later You will remember me, And the A Guide to the Perfect FamilyDirected by Ricardo Trogy during the summer. In the latter case, on the initiative of Louis Morissette, the producer, screenwriter and star of this comedy, an agreement was recently made with Netflix, an option that Christian LaRouche would not have considered at all a year ago.

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“I am particularly pleased with the fact that we were able to retain full control of the issuance in Quebec and Canada,” he explains. This means we’ll get out A Guide to the Perfect Family Next summer – if all goes well – in theaters in Quebec by doing our own marketing, and on the day the movie is showing here, Netflix will be able to show it to its subscribers outside of Canada. It’s a sign that the movie really sparks their interest. However, I’m still very careful and won’t go ahead with the next release dates. We’re still in the stage where we create scenarios to better undo them later. I also have to bear in mind that two of our movies are likely to attract more mature audiences. It all depends on how things develop. ”

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