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Google Pixel goes official next June

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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A new Google Pixel should be presented next June. Is Google Pixel 5a soon at your favorite retailer?

If there’s ever been a plant that experienced a small eclipse last year, that’s fine Google. The tech giant has already built up, whose smartphones are known for their outstanding picture quality Multi-month delay on Google Pixel 4aPlus, the downgraded Google Pixel 5 flagship. But this year, in addition to its usual two smartphones, Monterey is supposed to get back on its feet, its first foldable phone set for 2021. Serious things will start in a few months’ time. If we believe this new information from John Prosser.

according to The leak, particularly known for its leaks on Apple and Google, the US manufacturer plans to officialize a new smartphone on June 11.. If the name is not given, we can almost automatically rule out the potential Google Pixel 6, instead of getting used to the autumn presentations. A foldable smartphone option remains – But also the ones that are best planned at the end of the year – This is from Google Pixel 5aWhich seems more likely, The latter had already begun to reveal itself through a leak. Only wait a few months if you are a fan of the form!

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