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Claude Villeneuve became the leader of the official opposition in Quebec

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Former speechwriter Pauline Mararo and former columnist for Quebec Magazine So he will be facing the new mayor Bruno Marchand in the municipal council.

We will continue to sit at 10, our team will remain united to form the opposition. I have been appointed as a spokesperson for this team, but each of our members will be the file carrier., Claude Villeneuve announced at a press conference in front of the Town Hall on Wednesday morning.

We heard the outstretched hand letter from Mr. Marchand. It is our intention that Quebec City will do well, the council will work, and our city will continue to thrive.

Quote from:Claude Villeneuve, opposition leader in Quebec City Council

minority mayor

At the end of a tight election filled with twists and turns, ten candidates from Marie Jose Savard’s team were elected on Sunday. The minority, the new mayor, Bruno Marchand, will therefore have to deal with a strong opposition he has already reached out to.

On Sunday, the citizens of Quebec also elected six councilors from Strong and Proud Quebec (QFF), four councilors from Quebec 21 and one council member from Transition Quebec. Bruno Marchand has already indicated that he does not rule out the idea that elected officials from parties other than QFF It meets in the future executive committee.

In Claude Villeneuve’s eyes, it’s clear that he will have to Have a certain division of responsibilities in the various Quebec City authorities. However, it is too early to speculate whether elected opposition members will end up on the Executive Committee.

It may be different from the models we knew in the past. The columnist will speak again, but it’s interesting what we’ll experience at City Hall over the next few months or years.

Quote from:Claude Villeneuve, opposition leader in Quebec City Council

The opposition leader notes that his team is the only political formation that has elected council members in every Quebec region.

Although Quebec’s strong and proud program has many similarities to Team Marie-Josée Savard’s programme, Claude Villeneuve intends to ensure that the new mayor maintains the commitments made during the election campaign. We will make sure that his promises are kept.

Discussions should take place in the next few hours and the next day with the mayor-elect’s team. Bruno Marchand also congratulated the new opposition leader on social media.

Jackie Smith, President of Transition Quebec and Adviser to Limoilou, also welcomed Claude Villeneuve to his new position. I intend to work with him for a fairer and greener city in Quebec City CouncilShe said in a statement.

changing the name

Marie-José Savard’s team will also change its name since the second-placed candidate for mayor without a vice mayor. So you will not be a member of the municipal council.

It will not be called Équipe Villeneuve. I won’t be able to tell you right awayThe opposition leader fired with a smile.

As for Marie-Jose Savard, she has not spoken in public since Sunday evening. She gave her social media confidence to the new leader of the opposition and thanked all the candidates in her team.

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