Claudette Dion: “What happens to Celine hurts”, the star’s sister tells her the news

Celine Dion announced on Instagram this month that she had to cancel her Las Vegas shows, because she was not feeling well physically.

Since then, the mother of three has not given any further news. Fortunately, her fans can count on Claudette Dion, the star’s older sister, to keep them updated.

In the columns of “Paris Match” Thursday, October 28, she indicated that the artist’s body simply said stop.

“She’s 53. Perimenopause, and the hormonal changes it causes, don’t help…I often repeat: ‘Be good to yourself!’ I know it’s super disciplined and prudent. But the body has its quirks too,” Claudette Dion says. : “It’s good that she listened to him.”

She also explains that it was Celine Dion’s “all the muscles” that would have ended up giving up. “What happens to him is painful. But nothing serious, otherwise she would have told me. Celine does not hesitate to open up and ask for advice when something goes wrong. I know she is in good spirits.”

And that fans of the translator “Alone” reassure themselves, the star does not forget them. “Celine has only one desire: to return to the stage. It may take a few weeks, or even a few months,” concludes Claudette Dion.

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