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Climate change – Apple announced that companies can “fight side by side with nations”

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The US giant said it also had a “role to play” in the fight against climate change. The company also claimed to have “reduced its emissions by 40%” of carbon dioxide within five years.

Lisa Jackson, Apple Group Vice President.

France Press agency

In the face of climate change, companies “play a role” and can “fight” alongside nations, says Lisa Jackson, vice president of Apple, which has “reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 40% in five years.”

We cannot replace nations, but we can fight alongside them. All companies, even small ones, have a role to play by using clean energy and developing innovative projects. She said in an interview with JDD, while COP26 on Climate opens Sunday in Glasgow. Said the vice president of the group company responsible for the environment.

She detailed Apple’s brand strategy, which is committed to carbon neutrality by 2030 for all of its operations, including electronics production: to produce “sustainable hardware, improved each year with upgrades. Software updates,” and to ensure the latest iPhone software versions are compatible with their predecessors, Equipment recycling. Since the end of 2020, the brand has been producing its new iPhones from recycled rare earths. These hard-to-mine minerals, most of which are found in China, are essential for the manufacture of high-tech products.

Lisa Jackson reiterated that Apple’s ambition is to “one day end our dependence on mining”.

(France Press agency)

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