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Close combat appearances at Chicoutimi-le Fjord | Canada elections 2021

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Governor Richard Martel and Bloc Québécois Julie Bouchard understand this well. Door-to-door, meetings in public: Candidates use all techniques to get the votes out.

Conservative Richard Martel goes door to door in his constituency in the last race before the election.

Photo: Radio Canada/Philippe L’Heureux

I’ve always worked this way. It’s not because you have to do my best or not, I’m campaigning intensely from start to finish. I always do what I have to do. This is the most important: talking to people and discussing with them.

Quote from:Richard Martel, Canadian Conservative Party candidate, Chicoutimi le Fiord
Julie Bouchard speaks to the voters.

And Quebec’s Julie Bouchard bloc went to meet voters on Saturday, two days before polling.

Photo: Radio Canada/Philippe L’Heureux

I see it as a final race where we’ll reinforce. So, we go to see the people, and we explain to them: “Have you already voted or are you going to vote?” The importance of voting on Monday and the importance of making the right decision.

Quote from:Julie Bouchard, Quebecoa Bloc candidate, Chicotime – Le Fjord

On the other hand, a lieutenant of a Quebec conservative party will defend his seat, which he won with less than 1,000 votes in advance in 2019.

On the other hand, the block is aimed at nothing less than a complete sweep of Saginay Lac Saint-Jean. Everyone agrees that election night may be long.

I’d like to tell you that I’ve been going to bed very late for several days,” explains Julie Bouchard, laughing. Until Monday, of course, I’m going to bed very late so I don’t miss a second.

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You never know how you are, so you went to bed late last time. I don’t know, maybe I’ll go to bed later, maybe later! We’ll see everything!Richard Martel yells at his side.

According to a report by Philippe L’Heureux

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