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Comparing Alexander Romanov to Chris Chilius (by Chris Nylan)

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First of all, I would like to thank the three people in Quebec who will be reading this text. Hopefully, the internet failure won’t be long.

But by that time Sugar Sammy pulled one that really made me laugh.

What was said.

Maybe Alexander Romanov had a more difficult time, but the fact remains that his early career shows all the talent of the young man. CH fans know well that they have a new whooping cough on their hands.

Is that enough to compare him to Chris Chilius, the greatest American defender in the history of Chilius?

In some ways, yes.

No, the idea behind This text is by Louis-Andre LaRiver Not to compare the two men’s careers. After all, Romanov does not need to press to become a member of the temple on February 2021.

The idea is, above all, to compare what is comparable: the beginnings of the two men.

In fact, the reason (one reason, at least) of Romanov’s success is that this isn’t his first game-critical barbecue.

After all, he played for two years in KHL and has international experience with Russia at WJC.

Chelios, is it? He played in the Olympiad.

In the eyes of Chris Nylan, who works for TSN 690 and who has played mostly with the CH star for five years, the similarities are strong.

Chelios was hard to face. Around the grid and in the corners of the gang was tough. Romanov plays this way and has an advantage because he has a good vision for the game – Nylan

Nilan loves the badass side of Romanov, who does not allow himself to be afraid of the ice.

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All this does not mean that Romanov will become a great player, but that they are on the same path. And Nylan isn’t the only one who has believed this since Other speakers Praise for a defender who is better for better.

All he has to do is stay on the track until he’s 48 and voila, right?

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