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Concerns about returning full-time high school students

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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Starting Monday, high school students from all over Quebec will return to school bench. On the other hand, this yield brings its share of concerns due to the increase in variables in the beautiful county.

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Some teachers fear that students’ joy at reuniting with their friends may lead to many unsafe reunions.

“Bringing back all high school students, and that means there are thousands of people in a building. We know that our schools, which are often outdated and overcrowded with what looks like to say to malls, ‘You can absorb the number of people you want on a Saturday afternoon”, stresses Kathryn Bovis Saint-Pierre, Spokesman for the Montreal Professors Alliance.

There are certain masks that have been distributed to schools and daycare centers that are subject to a warning notice from Health Canada as they may pose a risk.

Warning indicates that there is potential for early pulmonary toxicity on SNN200642 masks from a Metallifer supplier.

Shortly thereafter, the government demanded to stop distributing this model in enterprises.

“How have we not taken more important measures to make sure that the materials we provide in schools or childcare centers are compatible.” “In the field, the staff are very angry,” says Sonia Ether, president of Quebec’s central unions.

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