Contract Extension (Two Prongs) for Alex Belzile

Mark Bergiveen is not idle. keep it up Action Signature of Quebec players.

This time, it was Alex Belzel who saw the extension of his agreement with the Canadian for one season.

Belzile signed a two-part, one-year contract with CH that will earn him $750,000 if he plays for the Canadiens and $250,000 if he plays with Rocket. On the other hand, he is guaranteed to make at least $300,000, no matter how many games he plays in the NHL.

Bilzel is 29 years old and he is a right winger (right hand). The Quebecer played two games with the Canadian in 2021 and 17 more games with the Rocket. He got 1 point in Montreal and 14 in Laval.

He did not play in the playoffs, but trained with the team.

touched belzel $700,000 NHL / $175,000 AHL last season (and $200,000 guaranteed). So he was entitled to a good salary increase. However, he was still exempt from the expansion draft due to his insufficient experience.

Belzel is famous for his work and efforts fixed / continuous. His coaches have nothing but good to say about him. he is Thin With the culture of the organization and Leadership (For example) can only help the youngest learns.

With Drouin whose future is uncertain and Danault who can achieve full autonomy in a few days, will Belzel be the only Quebec player on the squad in 2021-22? We don’t hope because that means the team doesn’t have a Quebec player of NHL caliber…

At the moment, the organization seems to see Bilzel in Laval more than in Montreal.

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– The Panthers decide to buy Keith Yandle’s contract. Please don’t associate it with a Canadian, okay?

Buying the Yandle contract will save the Panthers $4 million next season and $1 million the following season. Then the Panthers will be punished with just over $1 million for two years. Most importantly, they won’t have to protect it in preparation for the expansion draft this year (so they might be able to protect someone else).

– Was he thinking about Montreal since last night? # Weber

Bad news in the F1 world.

Another Canadian athlete will not participate in the Tokyo Olympics.

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