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Coronavirus and bronchiolitis are declining (slightly) in Reunion

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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Good news: The viral spread of CovidD-19 has decreased in S51 in Reunion. For the first time after 7 weeks of progress, the positivity rate rose (repent) Decreased: 37% compared to 40% the previous week. This decline affected all age groups except those under 15 years of age. In the emergency room, consultations and hospitalizations for reasons related to COVID-19 also decreased, with differences between S51 and S50 of 11% and 13%.

The rate of bronchiolitis, which affects children under the age of two, also decreased very slightly: 73 visits to the emergency room compared to 77 the previous week, and 28 hospitalizations compared to 31. Figures that should be taken with caution because large festive gatherings could fan the flames of the epidemic. Again. Hence the importance of respecting isolation measures, especially with the most vulnerable people: children under one year old, the elderly, and people with weakened immunity.

Emergency activity also decreased with 3,915 visits recorded in S51 compared to 4,385 visits in S50, a decrease of 11%. This decrease was observed among those under 15 years of age who had 999 segments in S51 compared to 1155 segments in S50, i.e. – 14%. Emergency room visits for people ages 65 and older also declined between 50 and 50 (n=829) and S51 (n=762). In community medicine, the number of consultations also decreased: 1,430 consultations in S51 compared to 2,968 in S50, a decrease that will be assessed in light of school holidays and end-of-year celebrations. This being said, consultations for acute respiratory infections (ira) It was on the rise in S51 (6.8% vs. 4.5% in S50) As for gastroenteritis (3.1% vs. 2.8% for S50).


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