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Castera Verdozan. In order to revitalize the city centre

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Maria Gill
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In the latest municipal bulletin, the residents of Castro were able to discover an important project of the municipality, which is the revitalization of the city centre. To do this, a study was commissioned in order to reflect on this structural project for Castera and its future. This reflection is centered around the Aulue, the natural boundaries of the plots and relates to four emblematic buildings of the village: the town hall, the old school ensemble, the sports hall and the outbuildings of Lannelongue Park. The first stage will concern the gym. A project management team is selected whose task is to plan the energy renovation of the room as well as the improvement of equipment such as changing rooms, reception room and toilets for example. The work will also include plant and mineral remediation of the areas surrounding the room. The estimated budget for this operation is €1,094,287 excluding tax. Various grants were requested: €547,143.50 excluding tax (50% of the amount excluding operating tax) for the State Equipment Grant for Rural Areas (DETR); €178,259.35 excluding tax (16.29% of the amount excluding operation tax) under the Regional Intervention Fund with the Regional Council of Occitanie; 150,000 euros excluding tax (13.71% of the amount excluding transaction tax) from the department council. The remaining share owed by the municipality amounts to 218,884.15 euros, excluding taxes. The important issue that will occupy elected officials for much of 2024.

The second phase provides for the renovation of the old school complex and the treatment of Schools Street in order to connect the various parks on both sides of the road. The third phase concerns the existing municipal building and its surrounding areas, including parking spaces and the interface with the plot of land where the Book Tree is located. Finally, the fourth part will integrate the common areas of the merger into Lannelongue Park. Structuring projects that would allow Castera to maintain its attractiveness, the most convincing evidence of which is simply the increasing increase in population.

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