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Cole Hanson
Cole Hanson
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Recently, many have expressed astonishment at revelations about Laith Maarouf, the supposed “trainer” to teach anti-racism to the media: the latter spilled his fiercest anti-Semitism as well as his hatred of Quebec and the French language.

How then can he present himself under the banner of anti-racism?

However, whoever is surprised forcibly admits his poor knowledge of what has become anti-racism in the West, which no longer has anything to do with Martin Luther King. The latter, as we know, rightly dreamed of a society that no longer identifies individuals according to the color of their skin.


Contemporary anti-racism, which dominates the university and the media and also fuels training in equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in public and private companies, posits the opposite: it first wants to identify individuals by the color of their skin to the point of their confinement.

He then distinguishes between “whites” and “racists”.

The first monopolizes evil: white evil has the face of a white male. Whites will be associated with racism and colonialism, and will have to atone for their sins or those attributed to their ancestors until the end of time. They will have to re-educate them through “anti-racism training”.

As for the latter, they will forever have the title of victims and will be entitled to claim ever more exorbitant compensation.

Put it another way: anti-racism is a coded term for legitimizing a form of racism against whites, expressed in an unrestricted way, and which is often publicly supported.

Let’s not be surprised: these are all words that are damaged today.

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Is it not in the name of neo-feminism that in France, in recent days, it has been asserted that a man can be “pregnant” and that speaking in general about women is refused to speak only of “people with wombs”?

Is it not in the name of “anti-fascism” that we tolerate demonstrations of hateful masked savages everywhere in the West, who assimilate “fascism” everything that is foreign to the extreme left?

Nationalism? Fascism! conservatism? Fascism too! capitalism? Always fascist!

When I hear commentators wondering how one can go against anti-fascists, I always like to ask them: First, check the definition of fascism they refer to. You will then discover that it is a big nonsense.


Let’s see on a larger scale: this corruption of vocabulary is destroying democracy. The noblest words mean the opposite of what they said.

Anyone who transforms the meanings of words to the point of overturning them is attacking the basic terms of public deliberation. Ordinary humans feel they are being deceived.

Sure, let’s hope that the last episode I referenced at the beginning of the column will make commenters who allow themselves to be hypnotized by beautiful words be wary of those who use virtuous terms to hide dirty thoughts.

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