COVID-19: All Quebec is now in a green zone منطقة

On Monday, all of Quebec’s administrative regions were placed in a green zone of alert, meaning new easing of restrictions linked to the COVID-19 pandemic went into effect.

Inside the houses, a maximum of 10 people from different addresses or occupants of up to three residences can meet. Quebec health authorities recommend physical distancing and mask wearing for people who are not adequately protected from COVID-19.

Outside, on private land, gatherings of a maximum of 20 people or occupants of three residences are allowed.

It is possible to travel between regions and cities, but some specific travel procedures apply to other regions and provinces.

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Funerals are limited to an audience of 250 people, who must remain seated during the event. During the presentation of the body or ashes of the deceased, as well as during condolences to the relatives, the number of its members is 50 people at a time inside the premises.

Wedding ceremonies are limited to a maximum of 250 people, and they must also remain seated during the event. The authorities say that a distance of at least two meters must be maintained between people, even when they remain in place and do not move, unless they are residents of the same private residence.

The after-party reception is limited to 25 people if it takes place indoors, and 50 people if it takes place outside.

Bars and restaurants

In restaurants, we tolerate a maximum of 10 people per table or occupants of a maximum of three residences. Customer history must still be maintained.

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The outdoor terraces can accommodate a maximum of 20 people per table.

In bars, pubs and casinos, a maximum of 10 people per table or occupants of three dorms are allowed. Like those in restaurants, the outdoor terraces of these establishments can accommodate a maximum of 20 people per table.

However, operators cannot accept a number of guests representing more than 50% of the maximum capacity stipulated in the liquor permit. They must also ensure a two-meter distance between tables, stop selling alcohol at midnight, ban karaoke and dancing, and close the doors of their facility at 2am.

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