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COVID-19: California says goodbye to health restrictions on June 15th

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California authorities announced Friday that the state could, as planned, end most health restrictions related to COVID-19 starting June 15, with a complete reopening of businesses without physical distancing and wearing unnecessary masks for people who have been vaccinated.

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“We’re at a point, if you look at the statistics, California is ready to drop the” four-color health restrictions system that was put in place during the pandemic, said Mark Galley, a public health official in West US state. .

After suffering from an outbreak of the epidemic last winter, California saw a significant decrease in the number of cases of COVID-19 among its residents, thanks in particular to the continuous rate of vaccinations.

In all, more than 35.5 million doses have been administered so far, 61% of the population has received at least one injection, and about half (48%) have already been fully vaccinated.

Dr. Ghali welcomed the decline in the number of hospitalizations related to the Coronavirus to the lowest level “since the first months or the first weeks of the epidemic.”

The official said California has no plans to introduce a “vaccine passport” system, but that private companies or event organizers may require such checks for their clients or employees.

For large outdoor events with more than 10,000 people participating, the California authorities will recommend proof of vaccination or a negative test, otherwise spectators will be forced to wear a mask.

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In the case of events taking place in covered rooms and involving more than 5,000 people, “We will ask – this is not a recommendation – evidence of vaccination or a negative test, it will not be possible” to just attend by wearing a mask if you do not have either, warned Marc Galli.

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