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GSP vs De La Hoya

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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As we know in boxing circles, Oscar de la Hoya is going through a tough time. He’s been through the rehab phase after rehab and it appears that the idea of ​​getting back into the fenugreek is what motivated him to quit smoking successfully.

His goal? He faced George Saint-Pierre in boxing. De La Hoya is 48 years old, and St-Pierre, if he had trained a lot in boxing with Lucian Bute and Stéphan Larouche, among others, would be making his debut in Noble Art.

It sure is in order Turns out. Like the fight (!!!) between YouTuber Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather in Miami on June 6, a hilarious comedy that will fetch tens of millions.


De La Hoya against GSP was the same water. And George was happy. But now Dana White, the mafia boss of the UFC, GSP is forbidden from taking this fight. He is threatening legal action because he claims St-Pierre is still under contract with his Chinese organization.

Even Anderson Silva, the legendary Brazilian fighter, has come out in defense of the GSP. George as Morris Richard or Jay LaFleur. The UFC has made hundreds of millions by getting paid peanuts for years.

Again, and we see that with Al-Kindy, the company is in a monopoly position that is always abusing its absolute power.

It was true of Mama Bell at the time, and it’s true of UFC today …

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