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Singular, playing clear and influencing female celibacy

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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They are five and five women at the dawn of the forties, smart, strong and independent. Five single women of different backgrounds and conditions agree to participate in a documentary.

who are they? Why did they choose celibacy? Is it a choice or the result of disappointing experiences? What do you think of spouses, motherhood, the female body, the demands of society, and the #MoiAussi movement?

Here are some of the many questions Maxime Beauregard-Martin delves into in this revealing piece: singular form.

To write this play, the playwright interviewed several individuals over the age of 30. Draw from a text that is clear, humanitarian and moving.

Actress Frédérique Bradet as Joelle in Singulières.

Photo: Vincent Champox

These everyday heroines are played in lovely ways by a talented cast. Frédérique Bradet interprets with the sensitivity of a strong, independent woman waiting to start a family while Daniel LeSaux-Farmer is the embodiment of flawless joy in appearance. Let’s face it, the Five Actresses are pretty good.

Social issue

Co-produced by Théâtre de la Bordée, Théâtre Catapulte, and The We Are Here Collective, singular form Part of an approach initiated several years ago by Collective and its founder, Alexandre Vectu, who is also the director.

The play combines self-narration, documentaries, events and an interest in social issues.

This time, it was the growing place of celibacy in our societies that set off the process of creation.

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The result is really interesting. The words exchanged are very credible and depict the complexity of the topic very well.

A young woman talks to a camera in her apartment.

A scene from the Singulières play

Photo: Radio Canada

Staging is nervous and original. It is based on a system of cameras, which sometimes gives us the impression of watching a theatrical stage, and other times the impression of watching a movie.

Scenography is also very creative. A rotating platform is installed in the center of the stage and allows you to move from house to house. Thus, each decor reveals the personality of the woman who inhabits it.

singular form A must, without a doubt.

The virtual shows will take place from May 22 to June 30, 2021.

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