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COVID-19 – ‘Flu’: Why do some countries treat Omicron as ‘just the flu’? (modes)

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Several European countries have just announced that they will formally abandon anti-epidemic measures and restrictions and start treating Covid-19 as a “minor flu”, the online newspaper reported.

Spain, the United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa now treat Covid-19 as an ‘endemic’ disease such as HIV, tuberculosis or influenza.

“Science has given us the answer to protect ourselves,” Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said in a recent radio interview. “We need to assess the evolution of COVID from a pandemic to an endemic disease.”

+ Learn to live with the virus +

The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Portugal and Ireland announced similar policies, in South Africa, which detected the Omicron variant, health officials now expect that Covid-19 is essentially over, according to the newspaper.

I think we’ve reached a tipping point in this pandemic. What we need to do is learn to live with the virus and return to a normal society as much as possible.”

Meanwhile, on Friday, Canada saw the first flash of its “flu” policy when British Columbia announced it would suspend contact tracing and urged most people with symptoms to stay home until they feel better.

“We can’t eliminate all the risks, and I think that is something we have to understand and accept,” said Bonnie Henry, the county health official, adding that the county will now deal with Covid-19 “much like how we deal with the flu.”

+ Covid-19 can be treated like seasonal flu

Epidemiologists have recognized that the end of Covid-19 will be an “endemic” disease, a disease like tuberculosis, HIV or influenza that never goes away, but whose spread can be slowed down and managed, according to the same source.

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“Once Omicron crosses a country, the rest of the year should see far fewer cases, so Covid-19 can be treated like seasonal flu,” philanthropist and billionaire Bill Gates wrote Jan. 11 during an online question and answer session. .

It should be noted that all countries that adopted “flu” strategies did so as a direct response to the sudden omicron waves that proved to be much less destructive than the previous Covid waves.

“We have weathered Storm Omicron,” Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin said in a televised address on Friday, announcing the end of nearly all pandemic restrictions in Ireland.

“I’ve stood here and talked to you during the very dark days. But today is a good day,” he said.

In conclusion, Covid-19 is no safer than the flu, but it may be if you have been vaccinated.


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