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Le Restaurant, a silent short film from Eastern Townships

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The festival Alexo and Bisha has performed on many theaters around the world, in particular with the Cirque du Soleil. The couple settled in Estre for several years, and the spouses – Alexandre Tessier and Sarah Tuchet in real life – dreamed of playing in a film similar to Chaplin: in black and white, silent and interesting. After winning the Excellence Culture Estrie in December 2020, the two artists embark on a cinematic adventure. The clown duo presents, a year later, the restaurant.

It’s really a wish we’ve had since the beginning of creating our characters. Alexo and Bisha have been living for 25 years, and our first inspiration for the duo was really silent movies. It really is a genesis! […] And this grand prize, Estrie’s Culture of Excellence, allowed us to develop this project.Sarah Tuchet explains.

Alexandre Tessier and Sarah Tuchet wrote the script for the restaurant, but it was Pierre-Luc Racine, to whom we owe multiple music videos, who directed the work. Beauty shines through. All scenes were filmed outdoors, in the countryside, in Racine. It’s more beautiful than I could have imagined! […] The result is sublime. Sarah Tuchet says.

« I am very happy with the result. This is true of the vision I had when writing the script. It’s a funny feeling. I am very proud of us. He represents us well. »

Quote from Alexandre Tessier, alias Alexo, is a professional clown and actor

Festival Alexo and Bisha

Photo: Laurent Fry

very simple story

In a busy three minutes, the comedy tells the story of a waiter, Alexo, who receives a visit from two customers at his small restaurant: a beautiful lady, Pesha, and her champagne companion, played by the big man Cyril Asathiani. After some pranks by the miserable character, the lady ends up falling under the charms of a waiter.

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Producer Véronique Vigneault, of Chasseurs Films, and Pierre-Luc Racine are true mentors for Alexo and Bisha, who usually perform on stage. We are very fortunate, and very spoiled, to have Veronique and Pierre-Luc to oversee each stage. We were constantly learningSarah Tuchet adds.

What about the future of the film?

The duo wants to introduce Le Restaurant to broadcasters and present it at several festivals as well. A silent short film like a business card to get people talking.

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