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The most exciting team in baseball wouldn’t be the playoffs. Too bad for the Blue Jays family, because they would have deserved it.

Honestly, you would have thought they would have done it if they had been able to play all of their home games in Toronto.

It should be noted that due to health restrictions related to the COVID-19 prevalent in Canada, the Jays began the campaign at TD Ballpark, their training camp headquarters in Dunedin, Florida.

In early June, they moved to Sahlen Field, home of the AAA Buffalo school club, where they felt like visitors when the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox were in town.

So far, they have been showing a record .500 as a home team.

Paid return home

After an absence of 22 months, the Jays were finally able to return to the Rogers Center. The results were quick to emerge.

The team held a 25-11 record in front of their fans, scoring a total matching that of the Tampa Bay Rays and Yankees in their last 63 games, or 40 wins for 23 losses.

For their part, the Red Sox, who started the season in the black, maintained a one-game record (32-31) above 0.500 during the same period.

Small game, that’s what was ultimately decisive for Blue Jays.

it’s boring.

Exciting to watch her play

Toronto would have been exciting to see play in the playoffs.

We talk a lot and for good reason about his combat power. She was first in the majors in home running at 262, and second after the Astros for batting average. Houston won by just 1,000 points (267 to 266).

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Jugs of jays generally don’t do that badly.

His average win total of 3.91 earned him fifth in the MLS and 10NS place in the specialties.

But all is not lost.

Better yet!

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